July 25th - 28th


Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta


Infection Prevention and Control for All : Implementation in Healthcare settings and Community

APSIC 2024
( Asia Pacific Society Of Infection Control )


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April 30th 2024

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Welcome Greeting

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I welcome all professionals and expert doctors to this signature event of the year, the 11th International Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control in the cultural and historical city of Jakarta, Indonesia on July 25th – 28th, 2024.

Building on the success of previous meetings, the theme for 2024 is Infection Prevention and Control for All : Implementation in Healthcare settings and Community and I look forward to learning the latest results from top industrial, government, and doctors on these topics and everything else that is presented.

The program has already been shaped up to be excellent, and the networking opportunities will be indeed outstanding. The scenery of the beautiful city of Jakarta will increase the pleasure of the meeting and provide lasting memories beyond the science.

I wish all the best for this successful and beneficial conference and I really appreciate all the organizers.

We’re looking forward to an excellent meeting with great scientists from different countries around the world and sharing new and exciting results on the impact of COVID-19 on Infection Prevention and Control, which will be held in Indonesia, from July 25th – 28th, 2024.

Prof. Dr. dr. Hindra lrawan Satari, Sp.A, Subsp.IPT, MtropPaed


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Until May 31th, 2024

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July 25th ,2024

Pre-Congress Workshop

July 25th - 28th ,2024



International Workshop

Note: • To be eligible for pre-congress workshops and conference, registration for the APSIC 2024

Domestic Workshop

Note: • To be eligible for pre-congress workshops and conference, registration for the APSIC 2024

July, 25th - 28th 2024 Symposium Event

International Delegate Symposium

International Delegate Symposium, July 25th -  28th 2024

Domestic Delegate Symposium

Indonesian Delegate Symposium, July 25th -  28th 2024



Budget Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

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Budget Hotel

Ai Hotel3Thamrin2,9 KM25.000 – 35.000
All Seasons3Thamrin3,4 KM25.000 – 35.000
Amaris Hotel Thamcity2Thamrin6,5 KM25,000 – 45,000
Ashley Hotel4Tanah Abang3.0 KM25,000 – 45,000
Ashley Sabang4Menteng5,7 KM30,000 – 50,000
Grand Sahid4Sudirman1,4 KM21.000 – 25.000
Harris Hotel4Tebet4,2 KM35,000 – 55,000
Holiday in Express4Kebon Kacang5,2 KM30,000 – 45,000
Millenium Hotel Sirih4Tanah Abang3.0 KM25,000 – 45,000
Smart Hotel2Thamrin3,1 KM25.000 – 35.000

Detail Committee


  • Prof. dr. Djoko Widodo, Sp.PD, Subsp.PTI, DTM&SH
  • Prof. Dr. dr. Kuntaman, Sp.MK(K) (PAMKI)
  • dr. Paul Haryanto, Sp.PD, Subsp.PTI
  • dr. S.H. Manullang, Sp.B(K), FICS


  • Chairperson

    Prof. Dr. dr. Hindra lrawan Satari, Sp.A, Subsp.IPT , MTropPaed

  • Co-chairperson
    Liliana Kurniawan, MSc, DTMH, MHA
  • Treasurer
    dr. Titi Sundari, Sp.P(K), FISR
    Sujiasih, SKp, M.Pd
  • Secretary
    dr. Pancho Hekagery Amilo Kaslam, DRM, MSc


    • Chairperson:
      dr. Liliana Kurniawan, MSc, DTMH, MHA
    • Co-chairperson:
      dr. Sudirman Katu, SpPD-KPTI, FINASIM

Anis Karuniawati, PhD, SpMK(K)

  • Member:
    dr. Fera Ibrahim, MSc, PhD, Sp.MK(K)
    dr. H. I. Firmansyah, SH, MH, Sp.PD, Subsp.PTI, FINASIM
    dr. Pratiwi Andayani, Sp.A, Subsp.IPT
    dr. Mulya Rahma Karyanti, Sp.A, Subsp.IPT , MSc I
    dr. Lilik lndrawati, Sp.PK
    Dr. dr. Agung Dwi Widodo, MSi., M,KedKlin, Sp.MK
    Dr. dr. Muchlis Achsan Udji Sofro, Sp.PD, Subsp.PTI, FINASIM
    dr. Ridha Wahyutomo, M.Arch, SpMK, FISQua
    Yohana Fransisca Wapini, BN, MARS
    Bernadetta lndah Mustikawati, Amd.Kep., SKM., M.Kes
    dr. Rizka Humardewayanti, Sp.PD, Subsp.PTI
    dr. Eggi Arguni, PhD, Sp.A, Subsp.IPT


  • Chairperson:

Dr.dr C. Linda Wahyuni, SpOT, Mkes, CCD

  • Member:
    Dr.dr. Ida Safitri, SpA.Subsp.JPT
    DR.dr. Andaru Dahesihdewi, SpPK(K), Mkes
    Dr.dr. Ratni Indrawanti, SpAK
    dr. Ika Puspitasari, Ssi, Msi, Apt
    dr. Yanri Wijayanti, PhD, KPTI
    dr. Rizka Humardewayantim SpPD-KPTI
    dr. Eggi Arguni, PhD, SpA.Subsp.JPT
    dr. Riat El Khair, SpPK
    Prof.dr.Titik Nuryastuti, PhD, SpMK
    dr. Devie Kristiani, MSc, SpAK
    Tri Hartati, Skep, Mkes
    Ryantinah, Skep, Ns
    Khairul Bariyah, Skep, Ns
    Timuryani Nufraheni, Skep, NS
    Dr. Lestaria Aryanti, Sp,KFR(K)
    Dr. Ezy Barnita, Sp.A(K)
    Dr. dr Soroy Lardo, SpPD, KPTI FINASIM
    Dr. Teguh Sarry Hartono, SpMK
    Ns. Minarni, S.Kep,M.Kes
    Ns. Yuliana Sari Dewi, S.Kep,M.Kep, M.Epid


  • Chairperson:
    dr. S.H. Manullang, Sp.B(K), FICS
  • Co-chairperson:
    Dr. dr. Agung Dwi Widodo, MSi., M,KedKlin, Sp.MK
  • Member:
    DR. Elis Puji Utami, S.Kep, Ns. MPH
    Ns. Siti Rohani, S.Kep, CVRN, MKM
    dr. Yuniarti Arsyad, Sp.KK, M.Kes


The Asia Pacific Society of Control (APSIC) was established in 1998 and is a multinational and voluntary organization dedicated to the advancement of infection control practice to reduce hospital-associated infections, monitor and control emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, and improve patient outcomes.

APSIC aims to bring together multidisciplinary infection control professionals in the region to share their knowledge, experience, skills, and quality improvement and research findings by facilitating the exchange of information through training courses, seminars, congresses, and conferences in Asia Pacific region.

APSIC works to build collaborative partnerships to facilitate and encourage initiatives in infection control research to promote cost-effective, evidence-based practices across the Asia-Pacific region. The speakers who participated in the APSIC Congress included doctors with high specialist skills offer a new perspective and understanding for doctors and healthcare professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. 


  • To build a network of infection control professionals working toward quality health-care in the Asia Pacific region
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and data on infection prevention and control through workshops, seminars, congresses, and conferences.
  • To assist in formulating recommendations, guidelines, or standards by consensus working groups.
  • To collaborate and work with non-governmental and governmental organizations on international, national, or regional research.
  • To collaborate and work with non-governmental and governmental organizations on investigations and outbreaks of the emerging pathogen.

Jakarta - Indonesia About Jakarta

Jakarta, officially the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (Indonesian: Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta), is the largest and the capital city of Indonesia. It is on the northwest coast of the island of Java, it has an area of 661.52 km² and a population of 10,562,088 as of 2020. Jakarta has been established for more than 490 years. It is the ninth most dense city in the world with 15,900 people per km².

Jakarta’s first name was Sunda Kelapa. Before the Dutch came, it was renamed to Jayakarta, starting in 1527. In 1619 the Dutch renamed the city Batavia. It was called Jakarta by the Japanese during World War 2.

Jakarta has a tropical monsoon climate (Am in the Köppen climate classification).

Jakarta’s challenges include rapid urban growth and flooding. Additionally, Jakarta is sinking up to 17 cm (6.7 inches) per year. It is also one of the fastest-sinking capitals in the world. In 2019, President Joko Widodo said that the capital would be moved to East Kalimantan, an Indonesian province on the island of Borneo. On 18 January 2022, the Parliament of Indonesia approved a bill to change the country’s capital from Jakarta to Nusantara.

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