The Asia Pacific Society of Control (APSIC) was established in 1998 and is a multinational and voluntary organization dedicated to the advancement of infection control practice to reduce hospital-associated infections, monitor and control emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, and improve patient outcomes.

APSIC aims to bring together multidisciplinary infection control professionals in the region to share their knowledge, experience, skills, and quality improvement and research findings by facilitating the exchange of information through training courses, seminars, congresses, and conferences in Asia Pacific region.

APSIC works to build collaborative partnerships to facilitate and encourage initiatives in infection control research to promote cost-effective, evidence-based practices across the Asia-Pacific region. The speakers who participated in the APSIC Congress included doctors with high specialist skills offer a new perspective and understanding for doctors and healthcare professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. 


  • To build a network of infection control professionals working toward quality health-care in the Asia Pacific region
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and data on infection prevention and control through workshops, seminars, congresses, and conferences.
  • To assist in formulating recommendations, guidelines, or standards by consensus working groups.
  • To collaborate and work with non-governmental and governmental organizations on international, national, or regional research.
  • To collaborate and work with non-governmental and governmental organizations on investigations and outbreaks of the emerging pathogen.
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