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The Neverending Asia

Yogyakarta is famous as it is one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia because this city has a different atmosphere from others. Every corner that is filled with artwork, a very inherent culture, the friendliness of the local people, and tasteful traditional foods always gives an eternal smile in this city.

This city is the only province in Indonesia that is governed by a monarch. Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, as the current king of Yogyakarta, serves as the appointed governor of the province while the other political offices on the city levels and below are contested through fair and competitive elections.

Talking about the nuance, the region feels soothing and hospitable. In its harmonious neighborhood in this city, you will meet both genuine Javanese traditions far from the strokes of modernity and a perfect combination between the beauties of the modern and the classics. This city is also a wonderful place for culinary adventures and shopping. Yogyakarta has a special food called Gudeg, the combination of sweet and savory tastes makes this food very special.

Head to Malioboro Street to indulge in selections of local food and shop for some traditional crafts to bring home, such as batik fabrics, silverware, and shadow puppets. Those who love culture, in this case, must not miss the chance to drop by Kraton Palace. That area even features a museum that stores numerous types of historical objects.

The nature of Yogyakarta is also very beautiful. The next recommended thing to do is to visit hilly areas and mountains. As for the best reference, there is Kaliurang. Tourists can even find many villas in that area. The atmosphere is refreshing and the air is excellent. Beaches in the Parangtritis area, starting from Nglambor beach to Drini beach can be recommended as tourist destinations. There is also Mount Merapi which is also a symbol of the city of Yogyakarta. There are many heritage sites in this city too, one of which is known by everyone is Prambanan Temple and there’s also Ratu Boko Temple. Many Indonesian people from other cities including students, teachers, and artists come to Yogyakarta to study because this city is one of Indonesia’s student cities.

The Wonders of the Ancient Heritage

You can experience all five wonders in this artsy city. Starting from indulging in the natural wonders, by visiting scenic beaches and photogenic landscape. Parangtritis, Indrayanti, Pok Tunggal, Siung, Krakal, and Jogan are some of the famous beaches in town.
Breathtaking points such as Puncak Becici, Pinus Pengger, and Jurang Tembelan are only several of plenty more exciting back-to-nature destinations in Yogyakarta!

For culinary wonders, don’t forget to try the Gudeg first, special cooking of traditional Javanese recipe that is iconic to this city. The Bakpia, is a traditional snack with many enticing flavors that are popular for souvenirs. For a beverage, you can try the Jamu, a natural herb mix beverage based on ancient tradition used for natural remedies.

Batik is the national treasure based on the Javanese word of “amba” and “titik”, meaning to write the dots. It is an art of decorating fabric using wax and dyeing process. Yogyakarta has a signature batik pattern that is usually made with a bright white basic. Some of the motifs are namely The Parang Kusumo, Kawung, and Truntum, each was created with the special philosophy behind its every dots.

Get Here

There are plenty of daily flights from Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali to Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto International Airport.

There is a regular train service between Yogyakarta and other neighboring major cities. Yogyakarta is also easily accessible by road in cars or public overland bus services.  


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