Title: bolded, 12-point Times New Roman, centered

Presenting author name, other co-author’s names: bolded, 11-point Times New Roman, centered

Affiliation including department and/or program: bolded, 11-point Times New Roman, centered, 1.5 spaced


Introduction: Describe the context of the case and explain its relevance and importance. Describe whether the case is unique. If not, does the case have an unusual diagnosis, prognosis, therapy or harm?

Do not include acronyms, bullets, or lists in the abstract. It should be single-spaced in 11-point Times New Roman. Please Replace these instructions with the text of your abstract. Make sure your page size is set to U.S. letter, 8.5″ × 11″. Page margins are set to be one inch on all sides.

The content of the abstract will be the basis for acceptance of the paper presentation at the research day. The abstracts will be peer reviewed and authors will be informed about acceptance for presentation via email. Be sure to adhere to the word limitation for the abstract (300 words). The entire abstract submission should fit in One page.

Case Presentation: Report the case, describe the history, examination, and investigations adequately. Is the cause of the patient’s illness clear-cut? What are other plausible explanations? Describe the treatments adequately…

Discussion: Discuss rationale for decisions that were made and the lesson from the case. The abstract should close with a statement of the project’s implications and contributions to its field. It should convince readers that the project is interesting, valuable, and worth investigating further. We recommend that you download these directions as a MS Word document and use it as the template for your abstract as it contains all necessary formats and styles.

Figure: Figures are accepted and must not exceed 2 inches high (192 pixel), Top and Bottom wrapped. If you are including graphs, tables, or photos, they must be imported into this file.

Keywords: This section consists of three to six keywords/phrases representing the main content of the article. It is important for indexing the manuscript and easy online retrieval. It is written in English, alphabetical order (10-point font), and gives commas between words/phrases.

Acknowledgments: If your project was supported with internal or external funding, you are strongly encouraged to cite the funding source and/or provide an acknowledgment.

References: Use a brief numbered style, e.g., [1], [2]. References should appear in numerical order in the reference list:

[1] Author A. B. and Author C. D. (2021) Med, 90, 1151–1154. [2] Author E. F. et al. (2022) Sci., 32, A74.

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